Of the Mesabi Martial Arts Dojo

This page is dedicated to the memory of Grand Master Ansei Ueshiro, who sacrificed so much to bring his style of Shorin Ryu to the United States in 1962. He was one of the most influential teachers of Sensei Kleusch

Master Ueshiro was born in 1933 in Kin, Okinawa. He was born a direct blood descendent of the ancient Okinawan "bushi" warrior class. His first teachers included Anho Ueshiro, Entasu Isanta and Toguchi Seitoku. Later he trained under Master Shoshin Nagamine and then in 1962, he brought Ueshiro style Shorin Ryu karate to the United States.
Note the incredible muculature of Master Ueshiro, pictured here front center. Master Nagamine can be seen in the rear right.
Master Ueshiro demonstrating Chinto kata.
Master Ueshiro demonstrating the flying kick.
Master Nagamine is seated center. Master Ueshiro has the honored position at Master Nagamine's right.
Master Ueshiro arrives in the USA with his bo in hand.
Bo and tonfa kumite. Master Ueshiro was considered one of the greatest practitioners of the bo in the world.
Chasing punch. (Oi-zuki)
Yakusoku kumite san. Note Master Ueshiro's "tiger eye". Pictured here in 1957 with Sensei James Wax, the first American black belt.
Another example of bo and tonfa kumite. Master Ueshiro is also demonstrating the importance of training outside.
A perfect head block.
Soon after Master Ueshiro arrived in New York City, he founded Shorin Ryu Karate USA. To his left is the current Shorin Ryu Karate USA director, Hanshi Robert Scaglione.
Master Ueshiro on the left, pictured here with deshi at the Midtown Karate Dojo.